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Snorkeling equipment from scubadivingstore.

Here at scubadivingstore we offer a large range of snorkeling equipment to cater for all levels of snorkeler from beginner to advanced. Snorkeling is a great and easy way to explore the sea and easy to start with little outlay. Below we have given a summary of some of the items of equipment that we sell as well as explaining some of the differences between different items.
Snorkeling equipment covers many different items, however, the most commonly used items are the mask, snorkel and flippers (fins).

We sell everything you need as individual items as well as offering snorkeling sets that contain everything you need to get in the water.
Sets often represent the best value although sometimes you may simply need a snorkel or mask on its own or perhaps to replace a lost or damaged item.

All of the snorkeling masks we sell are made by top brand manufacturers and are made using high quality silicone to ensure the mask gives a comfortable and water tight fit. As we all have different sized faces, we carry a large range of masks to fit smaller,lady or junior faces through to larger adult faces.Older style rubber masks are often not as comfortable as the silicone mask versions and don't last forever but they can still give a good fit.

Our range of fins is also sourced from top brands and of the highest quality. Different manufacturers of flippers or fins cut the foot pockets slightly differently. One brand of a given size may fit you better than another brand in the same way you find with shoes and clothing on the high street. Some brands are known for being either narrow in fit or more generous - you can always contact us if advice is required.

Snorkels range from basic in design to snorkels that have purge valves, dry tops, whistles and internal valves!  Most agree that purge valves make clearing water from the snorkel much easier making this type the most popular seller.

We understand that when purchasing items of snorkeling equipment online it is sometimes hard to judge the fit of the mask and fins. We are more than happy to accept returns of any items that we sell if they are not as you expected or if the fit is not suitable for you.

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